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Dedicated Educators

All of our educators are native speakers. We understand the importance of getting a jump start on education at an early age. 

"You live a new life for every new language you speak. If you know only one language, you live only once". (Czech proverb)


Language Ultimate's founder Jean-Luc Balland had a simple idea: to propose a good and efficient way to learn, study and practice a foreign language, learning online with native speakers from anywhere in the world. Based on the belief that a better world for all can be achieved through better communication, his mission has sought to improve language skills and cultural understanding for people of all ages and professions.

In 2010 Jean-Luc Balland’s goal was focused on the needs of students who wanted a higher level of customer service and convenience while at the same time benefiting from individualized, one-on-one instruction.

Early on, the company worked in standard curriculum development and training and its tutors delivered a consistent and reliable academic and test prep results to learners. Customized classes and tutoring options are now offered to suit individual needs.

Experience and skills combined with the Tutoring Live online enables students to start speaking a foreign language very quickly. The lessons are adapted to students, even if sometimes it requires re-examining what was initially planned.

Languages Offered





Language Ultimate offers consultancy in language training, and offers a full range of personalized language courses in English, French and Spanish.

Online language courses:

Would you like to learn one or more languages when and where it suits you? Then Language Ultimate is the right solution for you! Language Ultimate offers online courses in 3 languages: English, French, and Spanish. You will have access to all 3 languages on the same website. Arrange an appointment with your teacher and put into practice what you have learned. Use a webcam from home or the office.


  • Learn languages in the most comfortable and effective way
  • With the most developed means.
  • No loss of time.
  • Access to live documents.
  • Build language fluency in a very short period of time.




All over the world

At your rhythm





Language Ultimate consultant en formation linguistique, offre une gamme complete de cours personnalisés de langues en anglais, espagnol et français.

Des cours de langues en ligne:

Vous souhaitez apprendre une ou plusieurs langues quand et où vous le souhaitez? Découvrez vite les cours en ligne Language Ultimate. Avec Language Ultimate vous avez accès à des cours par internet en 3 langues: cours d'anglais, cours de français et cours d’espagnol. Vous avez accès aux 3 langues sur le même site web internet. Rencontrez votre professeur en ligne sur internet par webcam depuis chez vous ou du bureau et mettez en pratique vos acquis.

Avantages de cette technique:

  • Accès aux techniques d’apprentissage les plus modernes.
  • Accès à des documents audio et vidéo live.
  • Grande concentration de l’apprenant.
  • Excellent apprentissage pratique et rapide axé sur vos besoins réels.
  • Pas de déplacement ni de perte de temps inutiles.




Dans le monde entier

A votre rythme


Other Languages

Other Languages


Language Ultimate, consultora de formación en idiomas, ofrece una gama completapersonalizada en inglés, español y francès.

Cursos de idiomas en línea 

¿Desea aprender a hablar uno o varios idiomas cuando y donde más le convenga? ¡Language Ultimate es entonces la solución para usted! Language Ultimate le ofrececursos en línea para aprender 3 idiomas: inglés, francès, y español. Tendrá acceso a los 3 idiomas en el mismo sitio web.

Beneficios de ésta técnica: 

  • Acceso a los técnicos de aprendizaje más modernos
  • Acceso a documentos audio y video « Live »
  • Excelente aprendizaje práctico y rápido para sus necesidades particulares
  • Sin salir de su casa ni pérdida de tiempo innecesarios




En todo el mundo

A su ritmo

Other Languages

Other Languages

Other Languages


We also offer Chinese, Russian, German, Italian, and others if need be!

Lessons or sessions can be held on Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Hangouts